SWEET DREAMS by XtraOrdinary Women

XtraOrdinary Women is an award-winning not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009. Based in Nicaragua with the purpose of empower disadvantaged women to achieve financial and emotional independence.
They work with extraordinary women between the ages of 18 – 55, residing in marginalized areas; these women and their families survive on an average monthly income of $40. They live in cycles of poverty and violence; physical, psychological, and financial. Many did not have the chance to finish school and have little or no work experience. Job skills programs were created to empower women from marginalized communities with the skills and psychosocial support they need to get a job or build a business, to become financially independent and transform their, and their children’s lives.
Five or more years after an XOW graduate completes the program, she still has a stable income, sends her kids to school, and has built herself a house. Sustainable change is achieved through their deep understanding of the basic needs of these women, their proximity to the communities, and the personal relationships they develop with each participant.
Shantall Lacayo, well-known for her talents as both a designer and entrepreneur, strongly believes in empowering women. This belief is not just a part of who she is but is also central to the SHANTALL brand. Understanding the significance of backing projects that uplift and support women, she has stepped up as a sponsor and ambassador for XtraOrdinary Women (XOW).
As SHANTALL, we recently received a report from XOW about the Sweet Dreams project. The report showcases the stories of three women who received resources to become entrepreneurs, and we are truly excited about this news so we wanted to share this with you. 

If you want more information about XOW and their projects, feel free to visit their website at http://xtraordinary.org/.