The ready-to-wear collection draws inspiration from Salvador Dalí — an icon of Surrealism and one of the most colorful and eccentric painters of the 20th century — and his ‘Woman with the Head of Roses’ masterpiece. 

The 1935 painting features an egg which is a classic Dalínian element that symbolizes birth, love, and hope — leading the collection to blend the words and be dubbed “BILOHO”. This year’s collection represents potential life, a new beginning and the birth of something new. With new voluminous egg-shaped silhouettes, compelling blends of linen and silk fabrics, infused with subtle hints of cotton, the collection provides a perfect balance of structure and fluidity that is highlighted by the billowy shapes and dreamy curves present in Dalí's paintings. 

The collection comprises a versatile range of playful pieces, including dresses, suits, bow shirts, relaxed trousers with an elegant fit, and paneled skirts connected by tiered straps creating open slits for a dynamic design. These pieces are adorned with vibrant and fantastical surrealistic prints that aim to express emotions and narrate stories, incorporating a rich color palette of deep purples, navy blues, vivid reds, tapioca yellows, rich browns, elegant grays, and playful touches of orange, serene sky blue, and refreshing spring green. Some prints imitate the splashes of paint obtained when using brushes, while others symbolize the horizon of life where the earth meets the sky.

Unique patterns, handmade accessories, and buttons showcase craftsmanship from Nicaraguan artisans, creating a captivating representation of a new perspective on life.