ANA SS 2016

Traditional Nicaraguan elements can never  be excluded from any of Lacayo’s collections; “Anna” is not the exception. Using the Gentian flower as inspiration, which is a flower that is used as hair garments when the Güipil (national dress) is worn, this collection offers a tropical and elegant proposal. Graphic lines were created, giving as a result floral patterns combined with lateral lines that create an organic and cubist essence. At the same time this same theme can be found in buttons, belts and shoes among other accessories.
 Haute Couture and the hands of great artisans are reflected in each detail: needlework, embroidery and the traditional stringing from the town of Monimbo, Masaya are present in various of its pieces. Using technology and laser piercing we transformed the artisanal design in leather fretwork with patterns allusive to the flower that garnishes that cuffs and collars of this collection.
This collection is dedicated in a very special way to a great friend.
“Anna, because you have always been and will be a role model”