This collection has been influenced by a mix of my cultural roots and life experiences. Those who genuinely have made me be me.
I have always been intrigued by Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, the deity of ancient Mesoamerican culture, and an iconic figure throughout Latin America.
Art Deco architecture, emblematic of Miami, the city that took me in and where I restarted my life a few years back. I pay tribute to it.
And then, my background growing up around art, at my mother's art gallery, while my father dedicated his life to being an artist. There's a particular painting of his, which has always inspired me.
I aim to showcase the importance of conscious fashion, sustainability, and collectiveness in my collections. This time, jewelry was handmade in the town of Tasco by Mexican artisans. The prints and purses, featuring the unraveled linen texture, were made in Nicaragua and India. The buttons were also handcrafted in Nicaragua and are made from recycled paper to benefit a non-profit organization that provides marginalized women living in poverty and violence with support, vocational training, and work opportunities.